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Mehrnaz campbell

Mehrnaz Campbell, the company founder and CEO, has been involved in Healthcare since 1986 in various roles including working as a nurse in ITU, Cardiothoracic Medicine and Plastic Surgery. She has worked over 28 years in the Medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry. Mehrnaz' passion for learning is reflected in her academic qualifications which include: General Nursing, Postgraduate Diploma of Management Studies,Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration.

Mehrnaz has a hands-on approach in conducting market analysis believing that the gold nuggets found during the analysis are the key elements for developing winning strategies and content.

Outside work Mehrnaz enjoys cooking, travelling and socialising with fiends. She also loves a challenge; whether its cycling from London to Paris for charity or walking to Base-Camp-Everest just for the fun of it!


Lindsey Brookes

Lindsey has worked in pharmaceutical sales for 23 years and has disease expertise in many therapy areas, including respiratory, anti-coagulation, contraception, dermatology, pain, cardiovascular, oncology, anti-depressant and antibiotic products. She took her ABPI in 1997, and held the roles of dispensing, product and IT champion for the team in various companies. She also has trained in coaching, NLP and Myers Briggs.

Previous to this Lindsey has experience of working in hospital management after taking her BA hons degree in Social Policy and Administration. 

In her spare time Lindsey enjoys walking her Hungarian Vizsla and is working her way through the coastal paths of England and Wales. She enjoys traveling, Zumba and has recently achieved her first degree as a reiki practitioner.


maybeth whitley

Maybeth has a vast amount of experience in the Northern Ireland Healthcare sector. Having worked in Wales, Scotland and England, she has a wealth of knowledge based on these experiences that she brings to Cheemia. Maybeth recognises the challenges that face the Healthcare industry in Northern Ireland in terms of financial constraints, changing practices and evolving roles amongst healthcare professionals, from GPs to Advanced Practice Nurses to Pharmacists. Maybeth understands the political environment and challenges faced by all levels of the NHS.

Maybeth is a trained nurse, with experience in many therapeutic areas including; Oncology, Cardiac surgery intensive care and Primary care. Maybeth has extensive experience of developing mutually beneficial solutions that not only benefits NHS but brings value to the pharmaceutical Industry and the patients. Maybeth joined pharmaceutical industry over 30 years ago and over the years has held many senior positions in Market Access, Sales and Account Management. Maybeth is based in  Ireland and is ready to advise on the optimum strategy for your brand.  Her therapeutic areas of expertise include;  Respiratory, Cardiology, Diabetes, Rheumatology and Oncology.


Alan Shields

Alan worked in direct sales for several years before he joined the pharmaceutical industry. With thirty years of pharma experience under his belt, he has expertise in several areas including Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Respiratory. 

He is a people person and the working relationship with his clients is enormously important to him.  Alan thrives on building strong relationships with the full range of professionals involved in healthcare – as well as GPs, he focuses on the entire practice team.

In previous pharma roles, Mehrnaz and Alan worked together. As it was a successful working relationship, Alan is delighted to be working with his former boss once again.

Outside work, Alan is a Special Constable with Police Scotland. For 13 years, he has been supporting the police in Glasgow with his involvement in the Special Constabulary, which is the part-time volunteer section of statutory police forces. He is dad to Caitlin and Bethan and companion to labradoodles, Ozzie and Ollie.