Cheemia is an innovative and independent healthcare company based in Edinburgh, specialising in and focused on understanding the Healthcare environment.

We design and deliver bespoke commercial and multichannel Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies that rapidly grow client brands, create efficiency savings for healthcare providers and increase patient access to quality medicines. 

Cheemia means Alchemy; a seemingly magical process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of excellent value


What we do

Cheemia as a business creates the same magic by developing a tailor-made Pharmaceutical Marketing and commercial Strategy for the brand that are aligned with NHS priorities.

The investment Strategy is designed to align agendas between pharma and NHS, so they can work in harmony. This leads to a rapid increase of market share and overall profitability for pharmaceutical companies as well as creating efficiency savings for NHS that could be reinvested in improving healthcare for people of Scotland. 

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How we do it

  • Spending time to understand the root of the problem and identifying the tangible opportunities

  • Seek to understand healthcare unmet need and client priorities

  • Identify best practice and critical success factor that lead to rapid sustainable growth

  • Advise client where to invest so they get maximum return

  • Communicate in a clear and transparent way with NHS and our clients


We make your brands stand out from the rest

Work with us

We genuinely want to improve healthcare and we realise that access to medicine alone is not enough. We want to do our part to address health inequalities. So to achieve this we invest part of our company profit in supporting local projects that improve health and wellbeing and address health inequalities in Scotland. We work with pharmaceutical companies who share our vision and values and are willing to align their agenda to meet patient and NHS needs as well as their own.