Multi-Channel Marketing plan that delivers.

We design, develop and deliver multichannel Marketing campaigns that are extremely innovative and effective. Our approach is so effective that our clients see the results within months.

We have proof of concept that our campaign has increased market share of a brand from 9% to 27% in just 12 months in Scotland.  This increase in revenue has been so significant that has resulted in a mature established brand achieving the UK Market leadership position for the first time. 

Joined up thinking

We develop specific communication  for a given healthcare environment. This is based on our comprehensive analysis of the market forces.

Our communications are clear and are timed in tune with changes in the local environemnt as well as  the healthcare professionals readiness to recieve the information. 

This means that our communication echos NHS priorities and therefore resonate with local needs and are adopted more effectively.

I have been very impressed with Cheemia for various reasons. Firstly, they are always willing to share their very comprehensive knowledge of the NHS in Scotland. In addition, I commend them on the high quality of their customer service. Finally, Cheemia maintain regular open three-way communication, with customers and with key healthcare providers, to ensure that objectives are met in a timely and professional manner.
— Key Account Manager

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