The Perfect Strategy for Your Brands and the NHS

We develop bespoke strategies and recommend relevant marketing mix that are pragmatic, innovative and practical to implement.  Our approach is different because we look for genuine and organic alignment between a brand's benefit for patients and the healthcare providers priorities. 

Our strategies work because they are aligned with the healthcare providers’ needs and designed to create efficacy savings for NHS as well as grow the clients brand.  As a result they lead to positive changes in healthcare policy or formularies that remove barriers to access and delivers outstanding results for both parties!

We save time and money...

Our approach to investment is focused and clear.  Therefore when it comes to  implementation of our strategies the tactical plans are less complicated and require less investment both financial and human resource from our clients. 

The net results is faster growth and higher profitability for our clients.

Unique Ability to generate information and insight through Networking with Medical and Marketing affiliates across Europe to distill best practice and identify the key issues that underpin their success. Cheemia translated that into an effective proposal for UK  that re-directed Brand Strategy.
— Marketing Manager

Your perfect strategy is waiting...

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